God's blessings be with you! My name is Mr. Singh; I am grateful to be starting my first year at St. Cecilia! I teach Math and Science for 4th and 5th grade, as well as 5th grade Religion.

Though I was born and raised in El Paso, Texas, I have lived in the Dallas area for almost 15 years. After graduating from the University of Dallas, I began my career in education as an Admission Counselor for my alma mater. After hosting a fourth grade class visiting the UD campus, their principal offered me a teaching position at her school. While it did not seem logical to leave a thriving career and the title of "Associate Dean of Admission,"  I began teaching just a few weeks later. After three years, I had earned a graduate degree, created an elementary theater curriculum (the curriculum used theater activities to support academic standards in math, science, reading and "virtue" because a public school did not allow offering a religion class) and was "promoted" to teaching middle school.