Our History

St. Cecilia Catholic School, conducted by the Sisters of St. Mary of Namur, opened in 1935 under the direction of Msgr. William. M. Robinson. The first year the Sisters taught 50 children in two rooms. In 1954, a building campaign was undertaken, resulting in the construction of the existing plant.

Today, St. Cecilia Catholic School serves more than 200 students living in the southeast and southwest districts of Dallas. It offers classes from Pre-Kindergarten aged 3 through the eighth grade, with a faculty and staff of approximately 20 dedicated individuals.

St. Cecilia Catholic School has an Extended Day Program providing after school care until 6 p.m. Tutorial sessions are available on designated Saturday mornings at no charge.

The school has many extra-curricular activities which currently include a variety of sports (soccer, basketball, volleyball, and cheerleading), Scouts, Drama Club, Student Council, Music, and Running Club. These activities are often supported by volunteers who have received training and passed background checks.

We offer additional help in reading and math using the computer-based program’s Accelerated Reader and Accelerated Math.

The purpose of the school is to cultivate the intellect, ripen the capacity for right judgment, provide a sense of values, and to ready the students for further education in an atmosphere of service to the community. Each morning, our day begins with a prayer service that ends with the Pledge of Allegiance.